The way he grabbed my head,

I knew what he would do.

All night I’ve been wanting to kiss him too,

But I wanted him to make the move.

And here he did,

And here I hesitated,

Because I had you in my head,

But the moment you came,

Soon you were gone,

Because my lips were pressed against his,

And my thoughts were tangled with his.

It was odd at first,

Because I was so used to the way,

Your lips felt against mine,

And the way you used to kiss.

He had a complete other way of kissing.

I didn’t want to open my eyes anymore,

Because all night,

He was the one on my mind for once,

Not you.

His cute smile.

His sweet face.

His beautiful eyes.

Slowly you went away,

So far back in my mind,

That for those hours,

You did not exist anymore.

And it was amazing.

I never though I would be glad,

For you to be gone,

But I finally was.

Soon enough,

He’ll become the “you” in my stories,

And you’ll become the “him”.


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