Back Then

I thought about you once today,
And that was after looking at socks,

Which I bought 3 pairs for myself instead.

It’s the best I did ever since you left me,

And even thought I feel sad,

I’m also glad,

Because that is just proof,

That I’m one step closer,

To letting you go.

You know,

I’ve been hurting and missing,

You so bad,

That I had to ask mom,

To take an apointment,

With a therapist.

It reminded me of when I went,

When I was much younger.

Couldn’t let go of my shyness,

Back then.

Couldn’t love myself,

Back then.

Couldn’t be positif,

Back then.

Couldn’t go a day without crying,

Back then.

Now I can do all those things,

So I need to surrender,

And accept the help.

Boy I actually sugest you do the same,

I truely wish you would,

It does help talking to people,

Who can not judge you,

In any ways.

I got over myself,

Back then.

I’ll get over you,

Soon enough.

Just watch me.

It’ll be the hardest I’ll ever do,

But I will be able to,

And all I can promiss you,

Is that you’ll regret losing me.

And I know you probably already do.


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