Do you know what’s sad about our story?

That you lied towards the end,

And I can’t even know,

What was real,

What was fake.

What was true,

What was a lie.

It’s just so sad, 

That you took something so beautiful,

And made it so ugly.

But I refuse to let the end,

Become everything.

I just hope you know,

That I ain’t proud of you,

That I was so disapointed in you,

And the fact that you,

Weren’t able to be honest,

To tell me the truth,

The only thing I wanted to hear,

It really was hard to accept,

But I finally did accept,

That after all,

The months spent by your side,

You weren’t who I thought your were.

The end just wasn’t you.

At least the you I knew.

But now I’m such in a better place,

I can see things clear now.

I know I was to kind for you now,

So maybe,

That’s what made you want to use me,

Just like you did.

And maybe you didn’t use me,

But Hunny,

You can’t blame me,

You left without a word,

So how could I know? 

I really hope you’ll work on yourself,

Because you were,

Such a wonderful person,

But you got screwed up,

And that’s ok,

We all do,

But you’ve hurt me more,

Then you should have.

And that’s not ok.

I’m grateful now,

That I can finally let you go,

With a smile on my face,

And a pang in my heart,

That is so small that I don’t notice often.

The only thing now,

Is that I wish,

That I haunt you for the rest of your life.

That I’ll be your biggest,

“What if”,

And maybe it’s mean of me,

But at least,

I’m being honest.


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