Thinking To Much

I wish I could see,

Everything you think of me.

I wish I could know,

If everything that you show,

Is the true you.

I hope you feel the same as I do,

Even if I don’t know how I do myself.

I love how you carry yourself,

Calm and present,

Totally in the moment.

I want you to show me how you do,

And I want to learn more about you.

Cause boy, I feel so good by your side,

And I feel like I could just take a ride,

You and I, getting to know eachother.

Could you actually become my next lover?

The thing is that you’re so mysterious,

Always goddamn serious,

Making me question everything you say,

From something as simple as “hey”

I wish I could let go of all this thinking,

I’m going crazy, that’s what it’s doing.

I need to stop thinking things to far away,

And just let things come their own way.

I just hope your intetion aren’t bad,

And that you won’t make me sad,

Because I think I’ve been in this state of mind,

For so long and it would be kind,

For you to be,

Who you seem to be.


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