I hate how everything is just so hard.

Ever since you left my side,

I’ve been struggling with everything,

I’ve lived some of the hardest things,

I ever had to live through.

I just wish we were still back,

To where it was good between us,

And no matter what happened,

I had you to talk to.

I’ve been looking for someone,

To tell everything to,

But I’m just confused.

I know me not wanting to face,

How hard life is right now,

Is just me being weak,

But I don’t know how to be different.

I’m so lost,

So fucking confused.

One minute I want to have a relationship,

With this boy,

And the next, 

I feel something so damn special,

With the other one.

You’ve made me confused.

I hate feeling confused,

And I had my share,

Of questionning everything with you,

When we started dating.

I hate that I have to go trough this,

All over again.

I just want to know that,

I’m going in the right way,

I’m sick of feeling always,

Unsure of everything.


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