I’m glad baby,
One of your dreams came trough,

And it made me happy,

But soon a sadness seddled within me,

As realization came over me.

We are both so far away from each other,

I’ve accomplish things,

And realized a dream of my own,

But both of us did it alone,

Cause I wasn’t there to smile at you,

Just like you weren’t there to do too.

I guess I hurt,

Because I expected to be there,

When you got your first car,

And because I know,

How happy you probably were.

And I feel stupid,

To still be caugh up on you somedays,

When I’m starting a new relationship,

Or whatever this thing I have is.

The thing is I don’t know,

What I want,

I’m not sure if I’m ready,

To go trough this all over again.

You know baby,

I’ve stopped thinking bout’ you lately,

And the only way for me to do so,

Is when I’m force to hear about you,

And that’s what happened today.


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