I guess people,
Fall in love with the idea of me.

They fall in love,

With my love,

With the love I give them,

But they don’t love me.

That’s what happened for you right?

Remember that time your mom asked you,

“Do you love her more,

Then you love being loved by her?”

And your answer was “i don’t know.”

I couldn’t believe it,

The pain that your answer brought,

Was unberable.

To think that I didn’t even need,

One second to answer that my love,

For you overshadowed everything else.

I think you know it thought,

It was so strong that it overshadowed me.

Now you made me scared,

You made me so goddamn scared,

That this other boy,

Will do the same.

Take my love cause he can,

Cause it’s easy to accept,

And I love with everything in me,

So it’s soothing,

But the love they thought they had,

Turns out to be fake.

You just loved being loved,

And what if he does to.

He’s old,

Yet he never loved,

He had a relationship of two years,

Yet he never loved.

But he never wanted to be,

With the other girl,

He says,

Because he liked another one.

I just don’t want to be,

The one to replace the other girl,

Just like I don’t want him to be the one,

Who replaces you.


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