Torn between 3 boys,

And I hate that I don’t know,

What I want.

One of them is my ex,

Shame on me,

I still think about him,

But only sometimes.

The other one is a gorgeous boy,

With a kind face,

And breath taking green eyes,

We see each other a lot,

But we don’t know what we are.

The other one,

Is just the perfect image of a male,

He trows off this masculin energy,

That just makes me want him.

I love how he carry himself,

And how I always make him,

Laugh and smile,

When the others can’t.

I love how he has,

All those nickname for me.

So I don’t know what to do,

I don’t know who I want,

Not my ex,

Cause I’m done with his shit,

But between, 

The kind boy,

And the dangerous one,

Whom do I choose?

I know the choice seems easy and evident,

But my heart can’t decide. 


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